Incorporating Overmolding Into Your Next Product Design

What’s Inside?

This PTA Plastics guide to Incorporating Overmolding Into Product Design is a comprehensive resource that discusses the various aspects of overmolding and how it can be effectively integrated into the design of plastic products. 

Overmolding is a process in which a second material is molded over a first material to create a single, integrated component. This technique offers numerous benefits such as improved ergonomics, enhanced aesthetics, increased durability, and the ability to combine different materials with varying properties in a single part.

This guide covers the fundamental principles of overmolding, including material selection, design considerations, and process optimization. It provides valuable insights into selecting the right materials for overmolding applications based on factors such as compatibility,  adhesion, and performance requirements. Additionally, we offer practical advice on designing for overmolding, including considerations for part geometry, draft angles, wall thickness, and undercuts to ensure successful overmolding outcomes.

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